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What is Disc Golf

Have you heard about the new phenomenon crossing the USA? Disc golf, an offshoot of the frisbee craze that came before, is a sport that has grown in popularity, thanks to being fun to play, both casually or competitively, against friends and family, and even in official tournaments.

Disc golf is played with a thrown disc. In concept, the game is similar to traditional golf. However, instead of hitting balls into holes, the object is to throw the disc into an elevated basket.

The game still features drives and putts, but instead of driving a ball hundreds of yards using the leverage of your golf club, you leverage your entire body to energize your throw hundreds of feet. And once you are close to the basket, shorter, carefully targetted throws take the role of putting.

The baskets themselves are usually metal nets that hang above the trapper basket. When the disc hits the chain, it will usually be stopped and dropped into the basket unless you're slightly off center, in which case, you'll suffer that same despair as when the golf ball runs around the edge of the hole and doesn't go in!

Is disc golf suitable for everyone?

Playing is great fun at all skill levels and surprisingly energetic. You'll soon work up a sweat as you compete against your friends to prove who's got the most outstanding skills. But play at your own pace! Disc Golf is intended to be fun before all else. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Of course, like any sport, it takes time and practice to master the art of disc golf. But as you start to hit par for the course, you will be excited to discover over 7,500 disc golf courses nationwide. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) suggests there are over 3,500 yearly tournaments occurring across the disc golf network.

Where can you play disc golf?

You can find disc golf courses in public parks, college campuses, and many other locations. The nature of the sport means that it is fun to play in areas that traditional golf would avoid, such as woodlands. The sites don't have the same environmental impact as the vast, water-hungry courses that regular golf demands, and so are a much more responsible sports activity.

Disc golf has even spread abroad, with Mexico, Canada, the UK, and Europe all setting up disc golf clubs and venues. It should be just a matter of time before we see televised tournaments and our young American men and woman showing the rest of the world how it's done!


Why is the sport not called Frisbee Golf?

Frisbee's trademark belongs to the Wham-O toy company. They market their own Frisbee Golf Set, including three discs for Driver, Mid-Range, and Putter discs, but they are not the sport's creators or sponsors.

Is disc golf the same thing as Frisbee golf?

Players frequently refer to disc golf as Frisbee golf, but because Frisbee is a trademarked product, that is not the official name.

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