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Jonathan Rumley

Denver, CO


Disc golf was one of those activities that took over my life at a time of self-doubt, self-hate, and self-misery, but as many of us fellow disc golfers know, the sport has a way of healing the soul from within, creating light at the end of the tunnel, and providing faith with whatever hardships we're currently going through. So, by allowing myself to be humbled by the sport and its community, I have grown immensely in the category of individuality. After roughly 10 years of hucking plastic, I have found myself wanting to give back to the sport and the benefits that I have reaped - like a farmer when harvesting their crops. For example, the harvesting of personality growth that I have yielded has allowed me to be comfortable enough with myself and my disc golf game to be able to teach others how to reap the same benefits of hucking plastic in the outdoors - recreationally or competitively, just as I did and will continue to do. Disc golf saved me from mental health crises including the worst of the worst, so please be vulnerable, allow yourself to be humbled by every single throw, and grow into the person or disc golfer you truly want to be... Join me, "Coach Rumley", on a personalized disc golf developmental journey to endure the hardships of analyzing your athleticism (self-assessment), mentality (mindfulness vs no mindfulness, positivity vs negativity), and form (grip, stance/walk-up, timing, release point/angle, nose up/down). AND, ANYTHING ELSE WE CAN THINK OF. Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny: One Love is Action - Nattali Rize

Jonathan Rumley
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