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Ky Kline

Denver, CO


I started playing disc golf in college in 2011, where my home course was in the deep woods of Southwest Virginia. I moved out to Colorado after graduating and played here and there, but really dove back into the sport again in 2020. Since then, I have competed in almost 30 tournaments, including NADGT National Championships in 2021 and play almost exclusively in the FA1 division. My power throw is the rightie forehand (though my backhand is catching up), and my main focus is precision golf; I strive to hit the pin on any shot, from any angle, within 100 ft. Because of this, my philosophy is to practice as much as possible under imperfect conditions, and so I concentrate a lot on incorporating mini-games, like HORSE, into my training. To me, disc golf is about challenging yourself, but only if you're having fun doing it. My ultimate goal as both a player and a coach are to bring this sport to as many people as possible, and I am especially interested in igniting a passion for the game in women, children, and the elder community.

Ky Kline
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